VALR is an easy-to-use running app for use with your Apple Watch that gets you results

Better Results through
Smarter Training

Whatever your goals, we help you on your running journey. Developed by Olympic development coaches and elite athletes, VALR uses proven scientific principles to build you a custom training plan based on your goals, your fitness, and your schedule. We keep you on pace with personalized coaching during your run and automatically adjust your plan when life gets in the way. The science makes it powerful. But it’s easier to use than anything else available.

Just Getting Started?

You’re ready to become a runner. Learn how with a safe approach to fitness. Build up to a regular, tailored training program with VALR. It’s a simple and effective way to make running a part of your weekly routine.

Already a Serious Runner?

You eat pavement for breakfast—why not enjoy it? VALR will build your training program that breaks through plateaus and takes you to the next level. Become even more competitive with a personal coach on your wrist!

//  The Science

Using well-researched, scientific models, VALR coaches you based on the principles of:

Volume Periodization

A carefully planned, gradual increase of training time interspersed with rest and recovery. This lets your body adapt and improve while minimizing your risk of injury.

Training Intensity

VALR analyzes and coaches you to your body’s correct training zones to maximize fitness gains. Since your aerobic base is built in the easier zones, you’ll be surprised by how often we coach you to slow down!

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