Driven by Science

VALR’s effectiveness comes from its use of time‐tested, peer‐reviewed science to drive its coaching. Most notably, we incorporate three key elements into your training plan:

  1. Volume Periodization. A carefully planned, gradual increase of training time interspersed with rest and deliberate recovery. This lets your body adapt and improve while minimizing your risk of injury.
  2. Training Intensity. VALR analyzes and coaches you to your body’s correct training zones to maximize fitness gains. Since your aerobic base is built in the easier zones, you’ll be surprised by how often we coach you to slow down!
  3. Data Analytics. We bring these elements together with our patented, machine learning‐based algorithm that creates an effective, personalized, science‐backed solution for anyone looking to improve their training.

The result is great for beginners looking to get started while avoiding injury, and also for experts seeking to break through training plateaus and maximize fitness gains. As an added benefit, our emphasis on Zone 2 training teaches your body to better metabolize fat as a source of fuel when you exercise.